Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Sorry it has been a while, but I will now fill you in about my experiences thus far in France! My classes are interesting, but I only understand about 20% of what is going on (the pages of my French dictionary are very worn already...) My classes include SES (sciences economiques and sociales), which is my "major," Math (mostly algebra), Spanish (which is impossible for me...), French literature (which is also rather difficult), English (which is very fun- the professor has me read for the class), science, history/geography (which is my favorite because I can understand the most), and I think that's it. The schedule is crazy- we have different classes for different lengths of time every day, and a certain class isn't always in the same room! But my class mates are really nice and we have all the same classes together (because we are all in the same major- there are other majors too, like science, literature, and business). Also the food in the cafeteria is pretty classy- a meal includes fruit, cheese, an appetizer, a main plate with vegetables, a dessert, and, of course, bread.

So that's school, and other than that my home life (at chez Rouquette) is very nice. I have been running every day and there is a park very close where I can run. The family is very nice- I hang out Marie (the 16 year old) a lot in school, though she is in a different class than me, and Alice (the 13 year old) and I play board games together and watch TV sometimes. Ariane (the 19 year old) is not home much because she has school all the time, but she is very nice as well. Pascale (my host mom) is very sweet and she explains everything to me, from cuss words to puns. Daniel (my 20 year old brother) has come over for dinner once and he and his girlfriend are very nice and energetic, but he doesn't live here as he is in college. And Dominique (my host dad) is in Bénin right now, so I have yet to meet him (he comes back next week).

Right now I am using the Rouquettes' computer, which is why I haven't been able to write until now, but I will get my wireless running when Dominique returns and then I will be able to use my computer and post pictures!

Well I am off to dinner now, but I will try to write again within the week!


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