Thursday, February 21, 2008

Carcassonne and off to Paris!

Hello all,

On Sunday (dimanche), I went with the family to Carcassonne, an ancient fortified city west of Montpellier. It was amazing! The whole town is surrounded by giant walls (thus the fortified factor), and we walked all the way around it. Then we went in, and it was so quaint (I hesitate to use the word, because for me it evokes images of cottages and picket fences, but oh well). All the roads were cobblestone and rather narrow and the buildings were all clearly very old and mostly made of stone (but inside were restaurants and tourist shops and apartments and all that). We took a tour of the castle led by this funny ogre like guy who made lots of jokes (I understood about 25% of them, but everyone else was laughing...). We had a little picnic and then some tea and walked around a bit more and then left. It was overall a very nice day, but it was also very cold and windy, and I didn't wear my warmest coat, so I now have a bit of a cold. No worries though, as we are on holiday for two weeks anyway!

So here are some pictures then...

This is me with my two host sisters Marie (left) and Alice (right) in front of the city (and next to an excellent merry-go-round, I might add).

Main entrance to the city.

To the left is the outer wall around the city, then the path in the middle, and the city is to the right, behind that wall.

A view from the castle.

Stained glass in the cathedral.

So I think that's it! Since then I have been sick, so I've just been laying around and reading a lot. Right now, in French, I am reading L'etudiant etranger and in English I am reading Crime and Punishment. Tomorrow I leave for Paris for 6 days with my host mom and two of my sisters (my host dad has work and my other host sister has school). We are hitting up all the usual sites... Notre Dame, the Louvre, Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, etc. so expect a big juicy blog posting after that!




Kevin3789 said...

It's great that your family is taking you around everywhere and it seems like you're having the time of your life. I'm glad to see that you have some pictures that are not found on Google Images!

Justine said...

Sounds incredible Claire. I am jealous. I got your letter the other day so expect one in return very soon!

Luna said...

Oooooh girl that merry-go-round looks so tight. You actually look like you're related to your host family so that's neat. Did you bring any film cameras or anything? Take some cool ones for me and I got your letter and shall be replying so very soon!

Shahrzad said...

I'm glad you are having fun. Hope Paris was amazing! I like the new pictures, like Kevin said.
Your letter is in the mail, and sorry its so late. Plus, this little comment thingy is really cool, I just discovered it right at this very moment.