Wednesday, April 2, 2008

La ferme!!

This post will be a bit brief, because I am going to a play with the family tonight, but I haven't written in ages, so I felt I should update you all. I am doing well, continuing to make progress in my French, also running and cooking, and doing all that good stuff. In two weeks we have our spring break for two weeks and I am going with the family to the Pays Basque (South Western France, near the border of Spain) for a week. I will take pictures for you all!

So for Easter weekend I went with my host family to a farm (la ferme Baume-Rousse) that their friends own. At the farm they raise sheep and make cheese from the milk. The cheese is delicious and the farm was great. People can actually go and stay there (like at Dwight's beet farm!!), and it is really quaint. Here is the site, English translation can be found in the top left corner (British flag icon), but it's a bit funky! It snowed while we were there, which was very cozy. And they had endless amounts of animals: sheep, cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, geese, etc. many of which just wandered around the yard! So here are my pictures then...

Here the sheep are eating, while on the other side of the wooden thing, they are being milked.

They were very cute, and kept licking my hands...


To the left is the yurt-like structure they have for events and guests (people can rent it for retreats, classes, etc.). To the right is one of the lodgings people can rent, covered in solar panels because they are cool hippies like that.

Cats chowing down while it snows lightly.

The ram. He gets a lot of action (if you know what I mean)...

My canine buddy.

View of the house/barn from one of the fields.



Shahrzad said...

I love how all the animals posed for you while you took the pictures, especially the ram and the cows.

Claire said...

haha, yes. I said: "attention! je vais prende votre photo pour envoyer aux etats-unis à mes amis!!" and they perked right up.

Kevin3789 said...

That farm looks SO cool! Snow, animals, milk...what more can you ask for?! I like this post, I'm glad you're taking more pictures on your trip. You're learning from me haha